“One thing I can tell you for sure is that Giovino delivered exactly what I ordered and I’m satisfied with your service and quality. I will definitely make my next models with you! ” 

Erin from USA

“Hi Giovino, the watches arrived last week. Amazing work! Highly recommended!”

Kristaps from Canada

“Thanks for your invitation! I designed and produced my first models with you 2 years ago. I like the design. Thanks Giovino!”

Neil from USA

“The watches arrived and I’m 100% satisfied. We’re expecting to reorder from you in 3 months, hopefully! Watches are selling! ”

Michael from Germany

“I received my watches last month in the USA. It is much higher quality than I expected. It wears well and looks great.” 

Jonathan from USA

“Just to let you know my watches arrived this morning. Currently on my wrist, and i Love it :)) I’ll be sure to spread the word. Thanks Giovino!” 

Simon from UK

“My watches just arrived here in the UK! Professionally built! Thanks guys!” 

Joao from UK

“My first watch line is selling well. I’m working on my second line! Be ready for the challenge! Definitely recommending you!”

Laura from USA

“I got my watches about 1½ months ago and i LOVe it.. It fits nice, it looks great AND i like the way you guys approached problems. Although I don’t like problems, i feel you really cared to solve them and ultimately make things work! Thank you!” 

Tobias from Norway